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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Dangerous Debutante by Kasey Michaels

The Dangerous Debutante by Kasey Michaels
Publisher: Harlequin
Genre: Historical
Length: Full (356 pages)
Heat: Sensual
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Rose

What makes a lady? Morgan Becket wouldn't know. The scandalous debutante is being sent off to London to have her first Season in hopes a gentleman will finally tame her. Yet shortly into her journey she meets Ethan Tanner, Earl of Aylesford — of noble blood, but surely too wild, too unprincipled, too unsuited for Morgan. Or perhaps too well suited.

Since Morgan has always wanted anything everyone else says she can't have, Ethan is perfect for her. But upon arriving at Morgan's Romney Marsh home where Ethan wants to ask for her hand — he's already had her body — she realizes her suitor may have an ulterior motive for making her his wife. And a deceived debutante is a dangerous debutante ... Lord Aylesford, beware!

Kasey Michaels' second book of the Romney Marsh saga is a delightful read. I've not read the first book, nor any of the subsequent volumes of this series, but that did not take away my enjoyment of this book. It was obvious from references there was a first book, but that only slightly slowed me down. It didn't hinder the understanding of the characters or of the setting or plot.

Morgan is headstrong; because of her background, she's never really felt deserving of a good man's love. Ethan is more than willing to prove to her he loves her, if she'll only let him.

These two major characters, both wonderfully drawn, are supported by a cast I can't wait to get to know by reading the first book in the series and finding the rest of the saga. One character, in particular, I hope to see more of in the series (and in fact would be interested in seeing in a story of her own) is Ethan's mom, Lady Tanner. She was a hoot and, if this were a movie, would quite be capable of stealing the scene.

If you love irreverent historical romance, I highly recommend you pick up a copy of your own!


Tamsyn said...

Great review! I love historicals and this one sounds like it is going to be a winner! :o)Tamsyn

Judy said...

I love historicals. I started my reading career with historicals and have loved them ever since!! Great review!! I enjoy Kasey's books.

CrystalGB said...

Great review. Sounds like a good book.

tetewa said...

I'd like to be included!

april3025 said...

i love to read :)

Marcia said...

It's been a while since I read this book. Seeing the review makes me want to read the whole series again!

Maureen said...

It looks like a story I would enjoy. I have read and enjoyed serveral of Kasey Micheals' historical romances.

chey said...

Kasey Michaels is new to me. The series sounds great.

Cheri2628 said...

This sounds like a delightful story. I love to read historical romances, and Regency England is one of my favorite time periods.


Carol L. said...

Kasey is new to me. I loved what I read in the review. I have to read this one and get the others in the series. I absolutely love Historical romance. Thanks for the review.
Carol L.

Estella said...

I enjoy Kasey's books. This one sounds great!

Jane said...

This sounds like a great book.

janie1215 AT

Virginia said...

Wonderful review! I love historicals they are my favorite! This one sounds like a fantastic read and I would love to read it!


robynl said...

I love reading about a girl's first season and the goings-on.

Debby said...

What a neat sounding book. I am always looking for a new series - especially an historical

Kytaira said...

Wonderful review. It makes my want to reread the Romney Marsh series.

Sue A. said...

Sounds like my kind of book!