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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ten Ways to Melt A Man’s Heart by Phyllis Campbell

Ten Ways to Melt A Man’s Heart by Phyllis Campbell
Publisher: Champagne Books
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full (246 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4.5
Reviewed by Orange Blossom

Whoever said the quest for love wasn't comical never met Charlene Randall. Her search to find Mr. Wonderful leads her to the last place she ever expected-the arms of her neighbor.

Owner of a successful company, Damien Giovanni is fed up with money-grabbing women. But Charley isn't like this. She wants to try the Internet article, 10 Ways to Melt a Man's Heart on his former friend. Jealousy hits him head on like a locomotive without a driver. What would happen if he tried the 'ten ways' on her?

Laugh-out-loud funny and sizzlingly sensual, Ten Ways to Melt a Man’s Heart has permanently found a place on my book shelf.

Romantic comedy isn’t easy to write. If it’s over the top, readers will be laughing at you with a snicker, but done right and it’s a keeper for me. And Ms. Campbell has done it right. Charlene (Charley) Randall is one of those women who doesn’t realize that she’s bloomed into one of the gorgeous people. She has insecurities to fill a warehouse and crazy accidents seem to follow her like a stray after the butcher. When she decides that she’s had enough of doing things the wrong way, she begins to follow an on-line article on the Ten Ways to Melt a Man’s Heart. And the comedy abounds. It all makes for a thoroughly delightful story.

Phyllis Campbell hasn’t been dubbed the ‘Queen of Sexual Tension’ for nothing. She hit gold with Ten Ways… and her Italian love-machine Damien Giovanni. He just oozes sex-appeal and somehow the author’s words enter your imagination and you can see Damien just as vividly as a picture on a page. The magic between Charley and Damien will warm the cheeks and enter your heart. A terrific read.

Sexy, sensual and funny—you can’t miss with this one. Ten Ways to Melt a Man’s Heart is a winner!