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Friday, March 27, 2009

Mr. Hyde’s Assets by Sheridan Smythe

Mr. Hyde’s Assets by Sheridan Smythe
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full (286 pgs)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4 books
Review by Verbena

Mr. Hyde was fit to be tied! Rugged Austin Hyde was up to his brawny biceps in a bizarre situation. His mad scientist brother had gone and appropriated Austin's "assets" to impregnate a tycoon's widow at his fertility clinic. Worse, rumor had it that the elegant Candice VanAusdale might be making a baby simply to inherit big bucks—without having a clue the kid would be his! Mr. Hyde was fit to be tied, but not tied down by a web of lies. Yet how to untangle "Dr. Jekyll's " deception?

Clearly Austin had to go undercover. Invade Candice's isolation. Get close enough to the breathtaking blonde to see for himself what the woman was made of. Hiring on as her handyman seemed the perfect solution. Trouble was, the bashful beleaguered beauty unleashed Austin's every possessive male instinct. And soon he ached to make both mother and child his own. Blast! How dare "Dr. Jekyll" domesticate Mr. Hyde?

Imagine the worst possible scenario, something that never would be expected to happen involving invitro fertilization and you’ll love this story. It’s a twist even the most bizarre minded person wouldn’t think of. The characters; two half brothers Jack and Austin Hyde are totally different but fiercely loyal to each other. They actually have their own story that feeds into the plot of this story very nicely. And the rich, gorgeous widow, Candice Van Ausdale although grieving over her husbands death determined to continue HER life in spite of her in-laws spiteful attacks.

The pace is great, events keep moving and keep you involved in the story line. The plot follows a OMG, feel good… feel bad exchange. One minute you have a sigh of relief as things smooth out and then again back to the edge of your chair as the plot twists. I look for a read that I cant put down and that’s how I felt about this. There is sex, sweet sex and great love being portrayed by the characters. The reader feels totally empathy with Austin character. He’s the man you’ve always dreamed about. Candice is like the girl next door, sweet, naïve and stunning throughout the story. You will growl as things start to go bad for the pair. Austin’s brother Jack adds to the story or should I say his bumbling causes the story. The housekeeper, Mrs Merryweather adds her own dramatic punch as she aids and abets the action. There are even animals, a lovable ferret and a huge Great Dane with puppies to convince you that this is the boy and girl next door -- only better!

It all comes together in the end. A skillful author has created this story. It’s not earth shattering or world changing, just a good read. And it will make you believe once again in good overcoming evil.