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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Midnight Sins by Cynthia Eden

Midnight Sins by Cynthia Eden
Publisher: Kensington
Genre: Contemporary; Action/Adventure; Paranormal; Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full (420 pages)
Heat: Hot
Rating: 4.5 books
Reviewed by Cholla

In her dazzling new novel of sensuality and suspense, Cynthia Eden introduces a stubborn Atlanta cop who meets his match in a woman with surprising secrets…

Cara Firon doesn’t look like a monster. In fact, the gorgeous blond nightclub singer possesses heavenly attributes that make Atlanta detective Todd Brooks sure there’s a higher power somewhere. But a twisted killer is leaving a trail of bodies in seedy hotel rooms across town. The male victims show no wounds—it’s as if the life was simply drained from them. And right now, mysterious Cara is Todd’s only suspect.

Cara knows it’s foolish to be so drawn to a man who thinks she’s a murderer. She also knows Detective Brooks would find the truth even harder to swallow. Cara is one of the Others, a race of powerful, paranormal creatures who live among humans. Cara’s particular abilities make men putty in her hands—all except this rugged, sexy-as-hell detective. But now someone, or something, has singled Cara out for serious payback…

As uneasy trust gives way to mind-blowing desire, Cara and Todd will go head-to-head with a killer whose mission is deeply personal, and who’s determined to serve up revenge that’s hotter than hellfire, and just as deadly…

An intense urban fantasy with a sexy side, Midnight Sins is a sure-fire attention grabber. In a world populated with shifters, vampires, witches and succubi, anything can happen. And the fact that someone is out killing men without leaving a mark is a sure sign that something out of the ordinary is afoot.

Detective Todd Brooks is coming off quite a shock, having seen his partner transform into a wolf. Disbelief and the evidence that not all is as it seems in the real world open his eyes to the paranormal. His struggle to come to grips with this new view land him in the middle of a murder investigation with elements of all that he’s coming to see more clearly.

Cara Maloan, a succubus looking to give up sex and turn over a new leaf, inadvertently lands smack in the middle of the investigation. And face to face with the sexy and irresistible Todd Brooks. Will her paranormal secret draw him closer or force him away?

Todd and Cara are great together. There’s just the right mix of first-lust attraction and suspicion over her involvement in the murders. The good detective doesn’t throw out his common sense just because he’s attracted to her, nor does she immediately drop her defenses and give in to the ‘outsider’ either. They are forced to trust one another and build their love on their trials throughout the story. And the supporting characters are just as interesting and entertaining as the main couple. I’m looking forward to reading more in this series just to get to the bottom of all the side stories.

I love a good urban fantasy – the addition of paranormal elements into a world I already know is an instant draw for me. And while I love a good vampire story, it’s refreshing to see a different kind of paranormal featured for a change. I can’t remember the last story I read dealing with an incubus or a succubus. Midnight Sins is a well-rounded must read for any lover of the paranormal, or even someone who just loves a suspenseful murder-mystery.