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Friday, March 13, 2009

The Dating Game by Stephanie-Anne Street

The Dating Game by Stephanie-Anne Street
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary, Holiday (Christmas)
Length: Short (128 pgs)
Heat level: Sweet
Rating: 5 Books
Review by Violet

Her dancing career in ruins after a hit-and-run accident, 
Fenella Grant starts a new chapter of her life when she opens her own 
matchmaking agency, Discreet Liaisons. The agency performs like a 
dream until attractive James McAllister becomes one of her clients 
and causes havoc in her love-starved heart. James' sister has bought 
him a year's membership as a joke – and to cure him of his casual 
dating habits.

But serial dater James has no intention of going out 
with 'sad, sex-starved singletons' and demands Fen cancel his 
subscription. Instead, she decides to put him in his place by 
matching him with her most intimidating client. At first James is 
furious with Fen, then curious. Who is this elusive woman setting him 
up with dates he doesn't want? Why does she refuse to meet him face 
to face? And most of all--what is she hiding? But Fen has no 
intention of telling him her secrets…even though she's falling in 
love with him.

Fen's character had me laughing from the minute I read the first chapter. She is a strong, sassy and brilliantly independent woman who usually got what she wanted and she did it with wit and charm. James' temperament during their first conversation had me rolling. He'd had a bad day, he was tired and the last thing he needed was to talk to some crazy woman about some dating service that there was no way he would participate in. When Fen would not take no for an answer, James was left speechless. How much more could a poor man deal with in one day?

I wanted to cry when I read all that Fen had to endure in the hit and run and I felt as though I bonded with her in her never give up attitude. The banter between James and Fen were both hysterical and touching. The lengths Fen would go to conceal her secret were extreme and kept having a boomerang effect on her. The connection between Fen and James was addicting and I kept turning the pages just as fast as I could. The surprises all throughout the book were incredibly funny.

Ms Street is an incredibly witty writer who knows exactly what the reader wants to experience in a book. The Dating Game was a laugh out loud funny read with romance intricately woven throughout the book. I would highly recommend this book to anyone! This is simply a book that you must read and you don't want to miss.