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Friday, March 27, 2009

Daredevil and Dormouse by Giulietta Jones

Daredevil and Dormouse by Giulietta Jones
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full (193 pages)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 3.5 Books
Review by Camellia

Can a diffident dormouse and a rugged daredevil find lasting happiness? Widowed single-parent Sylvia Paget thinks not.

Assistant to three wealthy, assertive bachelors should be a snap for a woman accustomed to life's challenges. Yet from her first day on the job--when she reports to work in her son's penguin costume--Sylvia's future at Sagorski Industries wobbles. Her intimidating new boss Mac Sagorski lacks that sense of whimsy so essential to any retiring mouse trying to pass herself off as an overdressed penguin. Nor is Sylvia a match for Mac's two elderly partners, who are bent on personal growth the hard way and attract more trouble than five ferrets in a box.

Love isn't possible. Not between a danger-dealing giant with a swashbuckling gait and a small, shy creeper who stores soup and nutshells in her blouse. Or is it?

Petite Sylvia Paget may be a dormouse but she is a tenacious one as she survives her husband’s death, his financial betrayal, and the abandonment of the in-laws. Once she lands a good paying job with Sagorski Industries, she meets the challenges with determination. She tackles an office that is in total disarray, placates Mac Sagorski’s two aging partners, and, at one point, carries out orders to the letter even if she is dressed in a penguin costume. Taking care of her eight-year-old son Timmy and paying off her husband’s debts is her mission. Sylvia has no time for romance, but she wonders, “How could one pair of clear blue eyes spear a person’s heart and leave her winded from the impact?”

Big, strong Mac Sagorski, and expert at dousing oilrig fires, finds himself always thinking about his new employee. Alone for weeks on dangerous jobs, he makes up his mind that he must deal with Sylvia, but this shy sorceress, this timid temptress has him under her spell and he cannot decide how to court her without scaring her away.

DAREDEVIL AND DORMOUSE has author intrusion and seems rushed at the end. However, it is full of wonderful phrases such as “nettle in his frayed flannel pocket like a house-proud gerbil”. The humorous and heartwarming expressions reveal so much about the characters and make delightful reading.

Mac’s partners, Slim and Charlie are old rascals that do try Sylvia’s patience but she perseveres and the interaction they have brings a unique humor to the story.

One especially poignant love scene, the humor, and memorable phrases make DAREDEVIL AND DORMOUSE enjoyable reading.