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Monday, March 23, 2009

Cheyenne and Her Prince Charming by Linda Lattimer

Cheyenne and Her Prince Charming by Linda Lattimer
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4 books
Reviewed by Snapdragon

The best dollar Cheyenne ever spent was invested in her sister's not-quite-ex-husband's freedom.

Divorce attorney Cheyenne Maddison has a new client: Trey Mitchell, her sister's soon-to-be-ex-husband. The short, doomed marriage is as tangled and painful as the barbwire fence around Trey's ranch, and now a Las Vegas detective has his sights trained on the unhappy union.

Cheyenne's not sure what to make of the detective's evidence concerning her sister's shady matrimonial habits, yet she knows one thing--the more time she and Trey spend together, the stronger their attraction grows.

She can buy their way out of legal trouble with a single dollar, but saying goodbye could cost them their hearts.

Charming is an understatement in Cheyenne and Her Prince Charming, by Linda Lattimer.

Pretty and petite Cheyenne Maddison is also a very competent – and professional – attorney. Trey Mitchell becomes her client under somewhat unusual circumstances; it seems he’s fallen into a strange con and is about to lose his ranch to the efforts of a superb divorce lawyer. That might not sound all that unusual, but Trey claims he’s never been married… and the plot only gets stranger from there.

For a minute there, big cowboy Trey with the hypnotic blue eyes looks like he just might be her Prince Charming. Cheyenne is a pro though, and gets back to business. It is a struggle, for a number of reasons! This in spite of the encouragement of her friend and colleague Helen - to say nothing of her own inclinations.

Trey has just the right mix of humble-and-humor though. He admits rather ruefully that he’s never had a woman just fall into his arms before… and his rather light-hearted, even in stress commentary keeps him from seeming whiney. We are forced to doubt his story though, and agree with Cheyenne’s concerns. She’s caught in the middle, in more ways than one. Evil and flamboyant sister Virginia is one of those super bad guys that you just love to hate.

Although Cheyenne and Her Prince Charming sets out in what seems a rather old, formulaic approach to a romance, the originality of the plot and the individuality of the chief characters will surprise and then enchant readers. Lattimer’s dialogue is incredibly readable and believable, and introduces one twist after the next. 4 books