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Monday, March 16, 2009

The Candlelight Ghost by Ellie Moonwater

The Candlelight Ghost by Ellie Moonwater
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Genre: Contemporary; Paranormal; Holiday
Length: Short (74 pages)
Heat: Sweet
Rating: 5 books
Reviewed by Honeysuckle

A flickering flame represents a spirit at rest, yet one candle will not light.

For Helena, lighting a candle is a way to honor the dead and their passage into the next life. But when she flees an ex who wants to exploit her abilities to see and speak with spirits, she finds a stubborn ghost and a candle that will not light.

The ghost has a final request not so easily answered when its surviving husband and child disturb more than Helena's peace.

Torn between the child's steadfast belief in her mother's ghost, and the husband's equally adamant denial, Helena must find a way to reconcile her new life with the ghost's wish and evade the darkness in her past.

Warning: Within you will find a child who believes in ghosts, a father who doesn't, a ghost with an unusual wish, a lady who lights candles and one very bad man.

Ellie Moonwater crafted her story with an eye to creating lovable characters. The heroine is a sympathetic woman who embraces her fellow human’s needs with enthusiasm. The hero, Eli, is a believable man of many parts, whose love for his child is paramount. This always makes my heart melt. A man whose fathering skills are superior makes for an excellent read.

Reading this story is akin to watching the unfolding petals of a flower, anticipating the rich blossoming certain to occur. Ellie Moonwater is prolific in her writing, with a strong story and believable characters. I look forward to more of her work. Anyone who loves inspirational stories will love this offering.

When psychic Helena moves to her new home, she finds a ghost in need of a very special favor. In order for her spirit to move on, Corrine needs to find someone for her grieving husband to love. Someone who will care for her small daughter as well.

Uncertain she is up to the task, Helena does her best to reassure Corrine’s spirit that she will try. She finds it easy, however, to love the irrepressible four-year-old Samantha, otherwise known as ‘Sam’. She finds it equally enticing to imagine herself in love with handsome widower, Eli.

Honeysuckle gives this five books with great pleasure!