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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Brought to Life by Dara England

Brought to Life by Dara England
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Genre: Contemporary; Paranormal
Length: Short (121 pages)
Heat: Sweet
Rating: 5 books
Reviewed by Primrose

Megan's dashing Duke escapes from a novel into real life.

Megan Hurst's life has taken some unexpected turns: First she loses her heart to the dashing hero of a novel. And then she meets an amnesia victim who seems just like him.

The mysterious stranger needs her help to piece his past together, and the closer the two become, the more questions arise about his resemblance to a "fictional" character.

Megan's romantic feelings and her bizarre suspicions bring her to an impossible question... Has she dreamed the Duke to life?

"Brought to Life" is a charming story with a fairy tale feel that you can’t help but finish reading with a smile and a wistful sigh on your lips.

Megan is a currently unemployed starving artist. At her the prompting of her friend and roommate, Carlita, she starts to read a book entitled Noble Hearts. In this sappy, cliché-filled romance novel, Megan first encounters the Duke. As she reads on, she is drawn to the character.

Enter another man. One who happens to look just like the Duke in the book. A car hits him and Megan helps to get him to the hospital. The guy, whom Megan calls Duke, has lost his memory. And the few pieces that do come back to him, bear a striking resemble to the character Duke. When Duke mentions that he knows the book, Megan realizes that she can’t tell truth from fiction. And as she starts to fall for him, maybe she doesn’t want to.

Many characters are introduced in the story. I can’t mention them all but every single one is three-dimensional, with quirks and flaws, and quite likeable. People you could see yourself being friends with. Carlita doesn’t want Megan to get hurt. Megan just wants to be happy. Duke, well, he’s a mystery. You’ll have to read it to find out more about him.

"Brought to Life" is a quick, fun, enjoyable read. And as you dive deeper into the novel, you’ll have a hard time putting it down. The ending is the best part and will cause you to want to find a Duke of your own to kiss.