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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Review: The Sense of Honor

by Ashley Kath-Bilsky

"What would you do to protect the people you love?"

CHRISTIANA TATUM will do anything. But when a handsome stranger comes to Bellewyck Abbey looking into guarded secrets of the past, she finds herself not only trapped in a web of deception, but falling in love with a man who could destroy everything she has struggled to save.

DEVLIN GRAYSON, the 'Duke of Pemberton', learns the estate he's inherited is in ruins. Even worse, Bellewyck's ward is missing. Certain of treachery, Devlin probes into the shadows of Bellewyck Abbey. The woman who thwarts him at every turn, yet steals his heart, makes him question the foundations of everything he's grown to believe. Will he be able to win her trust in time to save her—or will the sense of honor that guides her actions end in her death?

THE SENSE OF HONOR is chock full of breath-holding moments from its onset. Christiana Tatum, in her determination to take care of those she loves, weaves a web of deceit. In her clandestine world she consorts with danger—danger from which she cannot escape on her own. Not even those who love her can help disentangle her.

When Devlin Grayson, the Duke of Pemberton who inherited Bellewyck Abbey, arrives in search of the ward mentioned in the dead earl’s will, he’s met with chilly civility. The villagers and everyone at the Abbey say there is no ward. Devlin, having come to the Abbey disguised as the new steward sent by the Duke, suffers frustration like he’s never known before. But he finds himself intrigued by the housekeeper of the Abbey, Christiana.

As the story unfolds, the attraction that Devlin and Christiana feel for each other despite the difference in their social positions adds a new type of tension to the suspense. Amid all the secrets and dangers, a heart-revving, sensual romance grows.

Ms. Kath-Bilsky creates a plot full of multi-dimensional characters who compliment the heroine and hero. Each of these characters adds to the development of the plot. The author works through the secrets skillfully as the story progresses. Rather than the secrets creating a rift that threatens to destroy the relationship, they bring Christiana and Devlin together.

This historical romance reveals the best and the worst in people. The fear and hate reaches off the page to grab the reader. While the love that protects Christiana enfolds the reader and the romantic, sensual love stirs deep emotions.

Ms. Kath-Bilsky creates GOOD reading.

Reviewer: Camellia