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Friday, January 4, 2008

Review: Only In Her Dreams

Only in Her Dreams
by Rayna Vause

Rachel Walker is haunted by visions of her own death...made even more frightening by the fact that she's a psychic and her visions have never failed to come true. After the death of her mother, she finds herself alone and strapped for cash. She puts her unusual talents to work and takes a job as a tarot card reader in the restaurant of the Warrick Towers Hotel.

Jack Morgan, CEO of Warrick Hotels International, focuses on the bottom He's convinced that a tarot card reader will never turn a profit. After all, no sensible person truly believes their fortune can be predicted by a deck of cards.

From the moment Rachel first sees Jack, horrifying visions of her own drowning death begin to haunt her. Knowing that Jack is connected to these terrifying visions, she is determined to keep her distance from him, but fate has other plans. They are brought together by a freak accident, and forced even closer by an undeniable attraction and the very real threats of a stalker. Together, Jack and Rachel must figure out who is terrorizing her before Rachel's dreams become a reality.

Like many heroines of paranormal romance, Rachel Walker is plagued with prophetic dreams and visions. Often, she can see tragedy right before it strikes, leaving her little time to react. We meet both Rachel and Jack in the middle of one such event, and the resulting first scene is so exciting, it just sucked me right in. Ms. Vause has a gift for beginnings!

As I read further in, I became a little annoyed with the characters, though. They often exhibited volatile and irrational behavior, thrusting themselves into dangerous situations. This sometimes makes for exciting fiction. But when a whole plot's forward motion is based on people intentionally making bad decisions when angered or irritated, the reader can get really exasperated. I did, anyway. I found myself wishing for a more substantive antagonist as well. Most of the conflict that wasn't created by the characters themselves came from Rachel’s visions and the resulting knowledge that someone is after one of them.

What kept me reading was the action. Those scenes gripped me and held me rapt. I plan on seeking out more of Ms. Vause’s work for this reason. I look forward to watching her talent develop!

Only In Her Dreams should appeal to fans of Holly Lisle’s paranormal suspense as well as romance fans who read the occasional Koontz novel.

Reviewed by Daisy