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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Review: Dragon's Choice (Sorcha's Children Book 1)

Dragons' Choice
by Debbie Mumford

Sorcha and Caedyrn's love has created a new breed of beings. Neither wholly dragon nor fully human, Sorcha's children shapeshift at will. The six fledglings have been raised as dragons, but the time has come to explore their human heritage. Aislinn and Taran are the first to leave the ice aerie for the world of men.

Aislinn discovers the lure of sexuality amidst the intrigues of King Leofric's court, while Taran learns the source of his debilitating malady. The siblings confront danger and prejudice among their mother's kin and discover love along the way. But love creates dilemmas: To live within the ice aerie with their
dragon kin, or live amongst humans? Aislinn and Taran must make their choice.

I found this story a nice change of pace from the usual shape shifter story. It is unusual to find a paranormal/shape shifter story set in what can only be described as the Middle Ages. That aspect of his story appealed to me. To me, this story combined the best of two worlds, paranormal and historical romance.

Aislinn and Taran are brother and sister, two of the six half-dragon/half-human children born to Sorcha and Caedyrn. They come to the human world to learn about the other part of their heritage.

Aislinn is at first hesitant about this new world and about the human side of herself. But she adapts rapidly and beautifully in a short span of time. Never having stayed in her human form for any length of time she has never truly discovered the joys to be had as a human. Shortly after her arrival in Leoffric’s court she meets a prince from another land, and falls instantly in lust with him. Quickly on the heels of lust, comes love.

There were times that the story of Aislinn and Prince Ewan’s story was a bit unbelievable. They have very little interaction between them, in the beginning, allowing for real development of feelings. However, the way that they were written allows for some liberty. Aisling is very beautiful and independent, but she recognizes that he is her true mate, thus her feelings for him come easily. Prince Ewan seems to have none of the prejudice exhibited by any of the others at court. He has an instant acceptance of what Aislinn is, and loves her without question.

Taran has always been sickly, never thriving in his dragon form; only in his human form does he regain his strength. He is not so easily accepted by the one he chooses. Senga has been raised to despise all that Taran is. But, love can conquer all. Their story, to me, was the more developed of the two. They come to understand and accept each other, with time.

I believe that Debbie Mumford has a unique story. She could, however, have spent a bit more time developing the story of Aislinn and Ewan. They just seemed to come together too easily. Debbie Mumford did succeed well in writing some very strong female characters. Aislinn was a breath of fresh air. She never hesitated in any step of her journey. She went after everything with a strength and determination that was admirable. Senga is at first, rather unlikable, but as she comes to realize her true feelings about Taran and life in general, she started to grow on me. And of course I must mention Sorcha. As a mother and human she has a unique perspective to what her children are experiencing. She mother’s with the best of them. She knows when to step in and offer advice and when to just get out of the way.

This story has all ranges of human emotion on display, love, hate, ambition, prejudice and joy. It was a fun story, with some very steamy sex scenes. I would recommend this story to anyone who wants a change of pace from the typical shape shifting romance.

Reviewed By Zinnia