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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Review: Abracadabra

by Rhonda Plummer

Rosemary Prescott, a feisty, outspoken, intuitive psychic always walks away a winner form games of chance. Then her luck hits a brick wall or more precisely, Walker Owens, the handsome, sandy-haired devil who owns Dreamland Casino. Accepting a challenge to work for Walker for 30 days, Rosemary is determined to keep her independence by outwitting a 300 year-old spell, and a meddling aunt’s wayward magic.
Walker is being blackmailed. With 30 days to comply with the blackmailer’s demands, the last thing he should do is offer Rosemary a job, but he needs to know how she is “cheating”. And if he can convince himself that there is nothing more to the offer he can dismiss the chemistry between them as nothing more than temporary insanity brought on by stress and some overly imaginative dreams.

With the ghostly appearances of their parents stirring up mischief, a plot to strip Walker of his inheritance and past life dreams disrupting their nights, Walker and Rosemary learn that loving the right person doesn’t mean losing your independence.
This was a fun, raucous read that I greatly enjoyed. This is a stand alone sequel to Rhonda Plummer’s previous release of Hocus Pocus, and I was pleasantly surprised that there was actually enough information that I didn’t have to have read the first story to understand the second. Let me just say that having read the second one first I’m glad I have the prequel to this one in my stack, as I loved Ms. Plummer’s point of view.

We first meet our two main characters after they have already met each other, and subsequently struck sparks off each other. Neither one of them is able to get the other out of their head or out of their system. I appreciated Ms. Plummer’s ability to set us down after the beginning of the story, after Rosemary and Walker have already met, yet she is still able to intersperse the back-story within the current one without causing a great deal of confusion as to what happened when.

Rosemary was a fun and funny heroine, with a wit as sharp as a scalpel, that was strong and still able to show some vulnerabilities without being a wimp. Her psychic gifts and a 300 year-old spell as her heritage have made her a bit hesitant when it comes to the opposite sex. Basically, giving herself to someone who isn’t her soul mate is a sure fire way to lose her gift. Rose is bound and determined that nobody is going to control her life, especially not some ancestor who thought she knew best. What she doesn’t seem to realize is that by rebelling she’s letting that very thing happen. When Walker pushes into her life, she’s not too happy about destiny taking such an active role in her love life.

Walker is an interesting hero who doesn’t believe in anything he can’t see, touch or hear with his own senses. Never mind that he has an aunt who somehow knows things ahead of time and his own intuition that has helped him on many occasions. As a casino owner, and a wealthy man in his own right, Walker is as suspicious of the opposite sex as Rose, justifiably so. When Rose catches his attention, he’s perplexed as to why he can’t get her out of his head or his dreams. He is of course unaware that said dreams have great meaning, other than driving him crazy.

Now, throw into the equation a madcap, boisterous family that includes, but isn’t limited to: two hypnotists, a “witch doctor” who’s really a cardiologist, four ghosts, and two outlandish aunts who aren’t afraid of a little meddling – all for their own good, mind you – and you have a recipe for hilarity and hi-jinks that kept me turning the pages, or clicking the forward button in this case. I loved the “touch” of paranormal that didn’t seem overwhelming, even though it is an intricate part of almost every character’s life. Ms. Plummer did a very good job of including the past life experiences, which added a new dimension to the story without causing confusion.

This story made me laugh out loud, made me want to strangle certain characters, and all in all made me smile. I felt like I was actually sitting down in the room, a fly on the wall if you will, witnessing how Walker and Rose’s love unfolded. It was a pleasure to see how love can completely blindside you when you aren’t looking for it, and when you think you have no room for it. This book is definitely a keeper.

Reviewed by Viscaria


Sue A. said...

This one sounds like a fun read.

Karen H in NC said...

Sounds interesting. Thanks for the review

anne said...

Lovely and great review.

Nathalie said...

Thanks for the review :0 5 BOOKS!

Lily said...

Eve if you say it is a keeper... I am not sure I like the concept.

petite said...

Thanks for the review. Interesting.

dodo said...

This sounds like a great book with a lot of fun, offbeat characters. I would love to read it.

windycindy said...

This books I like a lot! I can tell just by reading your review. Thanks,Cindi

Pam P said...

Sounds like a fun read, and I usually like stories involving magic and/or psychics.

Jennifer Y. said...

This one sounds great!

Estella said...

I think I would enjoy this book.

Cathy said...

What a great review, the book sounds like one I would enjoy reading.l

mystikalfae said...

I really enjoyed your review of, ABRACADABRA. It made me want to go right out and purchase a copy of the book along with its predecessor, HOCUS POCUS. Thanks.