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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Review: Harm's Way

Harm's Way
by Sandra Ferguson

Architect, Victoria Donavan learned the hard way to believe in concrete and steel and leave matters of the heart in the dust. After climbing from the ruins of a disastrous marriage to her murdered undercover DEA husband, she builds a life following one rule: never trust another man who loves danger. Victoria's carefully constructed world tumbles down when her private photos are publicly paraded across the Internet, her home is maliciously invaded, and she's almost kidnapped. One man can promise her safety, but can Victoria survive a close encounter with the truly dangerous Alex Harmon.

Security specialist, Alex Harmon exists by staying one step in front of the bad guys and keeping his clients alive. Living with the demons of a botched body-guarding assignment, he's sworn to never handle another female client. Four years long, Alex's personal vow holds true until his phone rings with a marker from the past being called due. Like facing a loaded double-aught shotgun, both barrels mean disaster. He can welch on the debt, or keep Victoria Donavan's exceedingly good-looking backside out of danger. And Alex Harmon never welches on a debt.

(288 pages) Hot

What is Victoria Donavan to do? She's being stalked and the person who is chosen to protect her is Alex Harmon, a man who "scares the paint off her toenails." She's been burned one time by a man who has a dangerous job and now she finds herself falling for another. And Alex finds himself in too-close proximity with the one woman he has never been able to forget. Can he maintain his objectivity long enough to protect her from being hurt... or will he end up being the one to hurt her?

Harm's Way is filled with suspense. With the end of every chapter comes the overwhelming desire to keep turning. The reader is drawn into the mystery of who has broken into Victoria Donovan's home and for what purpose? Every new clue, every new disclosure leads unceasingly to the end. The revelation of the stalker and the solution to the mystery come both as a surprise and an "oh, yeah" moment.

Victoria and Alex can't help being drawn to each other. However, because of the baggage they carry, they each fight the attraction. The tension between them builds with each passing chapter and when it finally explodes, it truly explodes. The reader is carried with every high and low on the romantic, sexual ride Victoria and Alex find themselves on.

Harm's Way reminded this reader of Nora Robert's suspense books. It was so good, I had a hard time putting it down. I'm looking forward to the next offering by this talented writer. I predict, and truly hope, we'll see much more of Ms. Ferguson. I'm her latest fan.